Things to Know When Buying Hand Tufted Rugs From India

A great hand-tufted rug complements and completes the interior space. It lends a beautiful touch to the decor. Rugs capture and captivate attention at first glance. They give out the perfect style statement.

Hand-tufted Elegance

Hand-tufted rugs bring in beautiful designs to your room. They are made with expertise and speak of luxury and comfort. They give your floor a premium look. Hand-tufting a rug is a meticulous and mesmerizing process. A hand-tufted carpet is made with a canvas as a base, stretched over a frame. A tufting tool is used to punch strands of yarn into the canvas. Any design can be woven into the canvas. The dedication and the hard work that goes into the making of a hand-tufted rug is reflected in the intricacy of the finished product.

Hand-Tufted Rugs From India – A Handmade Magic

It has been widely acknowledged that Mughal emperor Akbar introduced the art of carpet weaving to India during his reign. The Mughal emperors patronized Persian carpets for their royal courts and palaces. The style gradually blended with Indian art and absorbed the local styles, tastes and designs. Thus the carpets produced became typical of Indian origin and the industry began to diversify and spread all over the subcontinent. The carpets made in India became extremely popular and their demand spread abroad as well.

Today, the Indian hand-tufted rugs & handmade carpets industry is a thriving industry that caters to a global audience. Hand-tufted rugs from India are well known for their designs with attention to detail and the presentation of realistic attributes. Indian-made carpets are well respected for their craftsmanship and quality. Indian hand-tufted rugs are among the most desired. The classy elegance and handiwork quality is much-admired. Indian hand-made carpets are exported to over 100 countries and are much sought after globally.

Custom hand-tufted rugs woven in India are renowned for their intricate designs, durability and the high-quality materials used. They have versatile and alluring designs. The artisans follow a rich rug-making tradition that is many centuries old.

Custom Hand-Tufted Rugs Manufacturers in India

Established in 1991 in India, Rugs & Riches has been weaving art and transforming passion into surrealistic rugs. Our rugs adorn the floor space in over 51 countries. We have tufted rugs, carpets and floorings for residential, hospitality and commercial establishments. We have numerous successful projects executed around the world to our credit.

Our expert craftsmen can literally bring sensuality to a rug and make your feet feel the heavens.