Ideas To Decorate Your Space With Custom Area Rugs

A rug is the single most important object which has the ability to lift the ambience of a space by itself. It can revamp a room’s look and positively impact the space. A custom area rug of beauty is a joy forever.

When decorating a space with custom area rugs, there are a few factors that need to be considered.


Rugs are usually neutral, but if you are looking to add charm to your space it is always a good idea to scout for a rug that will match the theme. Be it retro, modern or plain ‘jazzy’ select a rug that will accentuate your space. Here are a few super elegant floor carpet designs for your residential space.


The right sized rug occupies the available space perfectly and compliments and elevates the ambience of the room. An appropriately scaled custom area rug accentuates the aura of the space and does not appear cluttered or overbearing. When shopping for a rug it is a good idea to measure twice, buy once. The thumb rule for the rug size is that the rug must be large enough to cover the conversation area while leaving the front legs of the furniture just over it as an anchoring element to keep the rug in place.


A custom area rug looks best when it compliments at least two accent colours. Light colours create an airy atmosphere, while dark-themed rugs lend depth to the space. Vibrant coloured rugs add charm to the room and uplift the mood. Colours offer an instant transformation and help set the perfect mood.


When choosing a custom area rug for your space, it is imperative that you consider the intended application, material of the rug and the cleaning and maintenance requisites of that particular rug. Hand-tufted rugs are usually more versatile and durable. They are also easy to maintain and are best suited for areas that see higher footfall.


A rug may look good, but it is also essential that it feels good and serves its purpose. The feel of the rug depends mainly on the material used and the technique used for weaving. Rugs woven entirely with wool and silk are exquisitely soft and plush. They are expensive and quite delicate. Rugs are woven with jute add a raw aura to any space. They are soft and are hence not suitable for rough usage. Hand-tufted rugs with cotton and synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester etc offer a balance between feel and durability. They are rugged, long-lasting and can be used in high-traffic areas and are relatively easy to maintenance.

Looking for more ideas?

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